First blog post

People have told me that I should be a writer and that I am funny – ok, I lie – mostly I’m told that I am freaking nuts, but that should be some great entertainment for you, eh? This is my first try at a blog, and I pretty freaking excited because I definitely need something else to do like I need a pap smear. Shit – I’m overdue for one of those bitches, but that’s a fun story for another day. Setting up my blog was pretty easy. I found a website, picked a crappy name, verified my email, and voila! From there I made it pretty and added pertinent information. I wanted to make sure that you could contact me, so I excitedly set up the “contact” section of the blog. I put my name in, made sure my email was correct, and typed a nice message. I then promptly received my message from me in my inbox. It was great, I promise! You won’t see it, but take my word for it. I can’t wait to see if there’s an app for this blog thing, since there’s literally an app for everything. I am pretty terrible with technology, even shaking my phone like an 80’s Etch-a-Sketch, so this should be an interesting adventure for sure! I’m glad you all will come along for this crazy roller coster ride with me and hope you enjoy my shenanigans!


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