Parental Advisory

1Fair warning – I have a disease that people like to refer to as “Verbal Diarrhea”. When I was made, they forgot to add the filter in between my brain and my mouth, so sometimes shit just comes out (are you thinking about poop yet? That was the plan.). This includes cursing and at times inappropriate thoughts (Hello sexy biker dude!). Since this blog is basically what comes out of my mouth, be prepared to be offended. I tend to be blunt and say it how it is, in the nicest way possible of course. People are more often entertained more than they are offended, but most people know that I really do have a kind heart and wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone. I am very fair and provide equal opportunity for others to comment on my flaws, as long as they have good intentions. I am an animal lover to the fullest extent but also realize that animals kill things and it’s freaking gross yet fascinating. I have an indoor / outdoor cat who is definitely a serial killer, so I am sure you will hear about his vomit-inducing conquests. If this isn’t your “thing” then you may want to look at one of those “perfect, happy mommy” blogs out there, which I am sure I will spend time ripping apart another day. You have been warned!


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