Toilet paper or wine?

This is it. The last of the toilet paper. My plan? Have a drink! Don’t worry though, I didn’t leave my potty patrons high and dry.. Well I guess I made sure they were dry! To be safe and avoid the “Moooooom!!!” sound coming from the bathroom, I kindly placed a box of tissues on the toilet.  I also sent a video of this predicament to my delivery man and asked him to grab some TP on the way home. I’m sure he’s excited about that, but he’ll understand that I worked very hard on dinner for him. I need to start dinner, which tonight I will be making one of our regular family meals and cooking up a phone call to a local restaraunt that delivers. Delivery is key so I don’t have to actually get dressed. It’s hard work but I think I can manage it! Now I have to make one of the hardest decisions that a classy lady can make… Wine or Baileys in coffee while I do some homework??? Decisions, decisions. 


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